People at Work Project

People at Work is a psychosocial risk assessment process

The University of Queensland, Australian National University, the Queensland Government, WorkSafe Victoria and Safe Work Australia have partnered to develop People at Work to help employers identify workplace risks and focus on prevention.

People at Work is a free psychosocial risk assessment tool, which includes resources to help organisations identify, manage and evaluate injury prevention and management interventions.

Implementing the initiative can provide the following benefits to organisation:

  • a focus on prevention of work-related psychosocial risk factors
  • communicating a clear message to workers that their organisation values their health and well-being
  • taking positive steps towards complying with health and safety laws in relation to psychological health.

Many physical and psychological injuries are preventable and by identifying possible risk factors, employers can help their workers stay safe. Lost time as a result of a secondary psychological injury can be twice as long as that of a physical injury only.

The longer someone is off work, the less likely they are to return. Prevent injuries in the first place, but if someone has been injured at work, help them recover at work by providing suitable duties.

We are working towards transitioning the People at Work project from a collaborative research arrangement to practical, self-administered process that is financially sustainable. The future version of the People at Work website will be available in October 2016.

Last updated
29 May 2015