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Organisational systems benchmarking tool

Safe and healthy business is good business - it can increase worker productivity and morale, reduce injuries and their associated costs to your business and enhance your reputation with customers and the community. Read more about Organisational systems benchmarking tool

People at Work is a psychosocial risk assessment process

People at Work Project

Are there tasks in your organisation that may lead to a physical or psychosocial injury? People at Work is a free psychosocial risk assessment tool you can use to identify, prevent, manage and evaluate risks that could lead to poor psychological health. Read more about People at Work Project

Realising the Health Benefits of Work

WorkCover Queensland supports the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians' position statement, 'Realising the health benefits of work'. Read more about Realising the Health Benefits of Work

Construction manager

What are suitable duties?

Recent research has shown that work has important health and wellbeing benefits. Being off work for long periods of time can significantly reduce the likelihood of a worker ever returning to work and can have a negative effect on the worker and their family. Read more about What are suitable duties?

Labour hire worker

What is a Labour Hire Agency?

A labour hire agency is responsible for providing temporary staff to employers. Employees are paid by the labour hire agency for the work they conduct at the clients' site. Read more about What is a Labour Hire Agency?

What is a WIC?

As an employer, you may already be aware of the term 'WIC'. But what does it really mean and as a Queensland employer, what importance does it have to you? Read more about What is a WIC?

Labour hire codes

Use this resource to reference the host WIC and obtain the related labour hire classification. Read more about Labour hire codes

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29 May 2015