Encouraging staying at work after injury can reduce claim costs

Recruitment and placement services

In the employment placement and recruitment services industry 96% of workers return back to work after an injury – a fantastic outcome – yet only 40% stay at work when they’re injured, according to data from WorkCover Queensland.

WorkCover Queensland figures also show that while the number of claims has fallen in the employment placement and recruitment services industry, the length of time off work is showing an upward trend.

In 2012/13 there were 221 statutory claims, versus 197 claims in 2013/14. While in 2012/13 the average days off work totalled 40 days, it’s almost 42 days for 2013/14. WorkCover Queensland Industry Manager Darryn Connolly said this upward trend is cause for concern.

Darryn said the majority of injury claims were musculoskeletal in nature (47%) while mental or psychological claims make up 23%. The majority of workers are 30-40 years old, with 26% of claims coming from this age group.

But Darryn added there is some very positive news for this industry – the final return to work rate is 96% for the industry.

He said the percentage of workers staying at work after an injury is at 40%, yet 96% of these workers do return to work in some capacity after their injury, which is great.

“Where we can really have a positive impact in the employment placement and recruitment services industry is on the stay at work rate – that means that someone stays at work during their recovery,” he said.

“There is evidence that shows that ‘doing promotes recovery’ so I’d encourage employers to work together with the injured worker, the treating GP, specialists, or even occupational therapists and focus on what the worker can do, rather than what they can’t do.

“That way, you can encourage a stay at work approach, using suitable alternative duties, until the worker can return to their previous role.”

“This in turn reduces claim costs, which can reduce your premium,” he said.

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Last updated
09 February 2017