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How claims influence my premium

Claims experience

WorkCover Queensland uses your claims experience as part of your premium calculation.

  • For employers who pay more than $1.5 million in wages, we use experience based rating (EBR) to calculate your premium. Your claims experience is made up of the past three years of statutory claims costs, followed by the preceding one year of common law claims costs (going back four years in total)
  • For employers who pay $1.5 million or less in wages, we use a simplified premium model to calculate your premium. Your claims experience is made up of your statutory and common law claims costs paid in the previous financial year.

We use the total cost of your claims in our calculations—that is, the amount of money we've paid for lost wages, medical/rehabilitation (including private and public hospital costs), lump sum and damages.

The number of claims made against your policy is not a contributing factor to your premium.

Some types of claims may not influence your premium. These include journey and recess claims.

Employer consultancy services

WorkCover encourages employers to maintain a safe workplace, and to participate in the return to work process for your injured workers.

Our employer consultancy services can assist you to identify ways to manage and reduce your claims costs.

Last updated
10 May 2016

Safe Work and Return to Work Awards

Be recognised as a leader in work health and safety or return to work.


Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2018

Are your contact details up to date?

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