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Compliance and education

Ensuring Queensland businesses have appropriate workers’ compensation insurance, declare the right amount of wages and understand ‘who is a worker’, are key compliance objectives which underpin WorkCover's commitment to achieving a fair and sustainable workers' compensation scheme.

WorkCover's integrated employer compliance program is supported by sophisticated data matching systems linked to federal and state government agencies.

To help Queensland businesses do the right thing by having an accident insurance policy and paying the right amount of premium, WorkCover also encourages compliance through online wage audits, employer site visits, education and awareness campaigns and identification of under-insured and un-insured employers.

An overview of our employer-focussed compliance activities is below.

Activity Focus

Wage audits

WorkCover uses data matching systems linked to major state and federal government agencies to identify and audit employers who have under declared their wages.

Wage audits also check whether employers are engaging PAYG workers and/or contractors and accurately declaring superannuation and other benefits to workers having monetary value.

We work cooperatively with employers to closely analyse their payroll documentation and financial statements to verify whether they have the right level of cover and provide tailored education to employers on their workers’ compensation obligations. 

Find out what you need to do if you are selected for a wage audit.

Existing policyholders

Direct communication to employers

WorkCover uses targeted electronic communication and phone contact to inform employers if data matching identifies discrepancies between information they have declared to WorkCover and other government agencies.

Existing policyholders

Easy self-assessment audits

Our online self-assessment audit tool helps small to medium-size employers ensure they are declaring the right wages and have the right amount of cover.

WorkCover’s step-by-step online education tool guides employers on the specific information they need to provide and how we support them through the audit process.
Existing policyholders

Outbound customer contact

WorkCover partners closely with the Australian Tax Office and Office of State Revenue to identify businesses which are believed to be employing people and may potentially be uninsured.

WorkCover advisors directly contact employers to remind them of their obligations to have a current workers' compensation policy, declare the right amount of wages and superannuation and the risks associated with not complying with Queensland law.

Uninsured and under-insured employers

Employer site visits

We conduct random educational site visits with regional and metropolitan employers from sectors including retail, tourism, agriculture, construction and real estate to discuss risks associated with being uninsured or under-insured.

During these visits, we also help contractors and sub-contractors to clarify their contracting/working arrangements and provide education on the definition of workers and wages.

Principal contractors and third parties can also use our website to enter a contractor's ABN details and verify if they hold a current accident insurance policy with WorkCover.

Uninsured and under-insured employers

Stakeholder education

WorkCover partners with various industry associations and stakeholder groups to raise new business owner awareness of the importance of having an accident insurance policy.

Our experienced customer advisors regularly participate in and present to industry forums, trade shows and conferences across Queensland and offer in-person advice on workers' compensation policies. We also support government agencies and employer associations with education and media materials tailored to their members' workers' compensation needs.

All employers
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14 June 2019

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