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Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls can happen in any workplace. Find out what causes a slip or trip and what you can do to stop these incidents occurring.

Risk management

This outlines the risk management process for the identification, assessment, control, monitor and review of slips, trips and falls risks at your workplace.


This outlines how to assess and manage risks from contamination, with the best controls being to stop contamination, prevent spreading and manage spills.


Effective cleaning management systems need suitable cleaning methods, schedules, equipment, trained cleaners, reliable communication/consultation. Hygienic cleaning of non-slip floors.

Floor/ground surfaces

This provides advice on flooring and maintenance: slip resistant surfaces (e.g. coefficient of friction); test methods; floor treatments; and floor options.


This provides examples of poor and good housekeeping and advice on work systems that consider storage, walkways, cleaning, lighting etc.


Obstacles may be temporary or permanent and typically encroach into walkways. The best solutions are designs that keep items off and away from walkways.


Poor lighting, distracting noises and damp or icy conditions contribute to slips, trips and falls, and these issues all need attention to reduce risk.

People and activity

Peoples’ behaviours and actions can increase risk (e.g. being rushed, feeling fatigued), so the best workplaces design jobs to reduce or manage these factors.

External areas

Outside areas – paths, car parks, steps etc. - pose risks for staff and others, with the best ones being well designed and well maintained.


This outlines features of unsuitable footwear and of sensible, slip-resistant footwear and how to encourage and support the recommended, good practices.

Design considerations

This describes common design problems with steps, stairs, ramps, flooring selection and structural trip hazards and provides advice for improvements.

Last updated
04 April 2017

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Safe Work and Return to Work Awards

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