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Serious about safe business pack

What is the Serious about safe business pack?

The pack contains tools and information to help you identify what you need to do to make your workplace safer and outlines how to do it.

The pack is a practical approach to managing safety in your workplace, essentially it is a simplified safety management system.

How to use the pack

Step 1 – Fill out the Compliance at a glance: how do you rate? checklist(PDF, 149.22 KB) .

Each element has three rating levels of performance. After filling out the checklist, if you tick in the:

  • Green zone – you are likely to have effective safety practices in place and will need to maintain these
  • Orange zone – you are on the right track, and there are still likely to be opportunities available for improvement
  • Red zone – it is likely that you are not managing health and safety issues effectively. Significant improvements may be required to prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring.

Involving your staff in the process will help you to get a true indication of how you are progressing with developing better safety systems.

Step 2 – Refer to the advice sheets. The advice sheets will tell you how to improve your safety, depending on the outcome of your rating (green, orange or red zones).

Keep a record of what you need to do and how you will do it.

It is a good idea to start with the areas where your rating was in the red zone, followed by those in the orange and green zones.

Further information

Workplace health and safety advisors are available throughout Queensland for free workshops and workplace consultations to help you implement the processes used in this pack into your workplace. Please apply online.

You can compare your performance and approach to managing work health and safety against other businesses using the Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool.

Last updated
24 April 2018

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