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Insurance and injuries

As a small business, we know there are lots of things you need to be thinking about. To make it easier, we've prepared this page with information that aims to help you with any insurance or work-related injury questions, so you can get on with running your business.

You'll find useful links to information on how to: take out a policypay your premium, or make a claim, and more.

Do you need a policy?

If you have a business in Queensland and employ workers, you are required to insure them against workplace accidents with WorkCover Queensland. Your first step is to ask which insurance product is right for you? A WorkCover accident insurance policy covers employers for the cost of workers' compensation claims. It also provides injured workers with compensation, medical costs and other benefits. Find out more about what is covered under an accident insurance policy. As an employer, you also have various rights and responsibilities regarding your insurance.
Anyone excluded from the definition of a worker is not required to have insurance with us. Workplace personal injury insurance is an optional insurance and covers those who are not considered 'workers', such as company directors.


The amount of premium you pay is based on your current wages and claims experience, as well as the claims experience of your industry. Like other types of insurance, it links your claims costs to the cost of your premium.

You can positively impact on premium by reducing costs:

  • Prevention is better than cure – keep your workplace safe
  • Make a claim as soon as possible
  • Work with us and support your worker to recover at work or return to work quickly
  • Promote an injury prevention culture in the workplace
  • Be return to work focused and have suitable duties available immediately, as this can reduce the risk of common law.

Injuries at work

When it comes to injuries at work, there are two types of workers' compensation claims - statutory (no fault) claims and common law claims. These links have detailed information about these types of claims, making a claim, rights and responsibilities and support and benefits.
If a claim is accepted, a Customer Advisor will be allocated to work with you to manage the claim and help your employee return to work.
Both workers and employers have various rights and responsibilities regarding a claim, and open communication throughout is important.

Health benefits of work

There are many health benefits of work. Early return to work reduces the risk of long-term disability. Injured workers who are offered suitable duties are twice as likely to return to work.

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25 May 2017

Free resources to measure and improve your safety culture

Make a difference to your organisation’s workplace culture to improve work health and safety. Download a suite of free online resources and get started today!


Free resources to measure and improve your safety culture

There's nothing like getting back for getting better

Workers who get back to safe work as soon as possible recover more quickly than those who wait until they are fully recovered.


There's nothing like getting back for getting better