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Good work health and safety management can improve your productivity and customer reputation and give you a competitive edge. Resources on this page will help you move on from a basic system, and help you strengthen your safety systems as you expand or boost your business.


The Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool is an online self-assessment tool that enables you to compare your performance anonymously with other businesses across similar industry sectors and sizes. The tool provides guidance to help you improve your management of safety, health and wellbeing and workers compensation and return to work.

Workers' compensation online

Register for WorkCover Connect to manage your claims and policy online. You can:

  • renew and manage your policy, see your premium breakdown, and how it's calculated
  • track how you perform compared to others in your industry
  • monitor claims in real-time, with injury details, communication notes, costs to date, and more.

Health and wellbeing

Did you know that work health and wellbeing can help improve productivity and worker engagement, whilst reducing absenteeism and workers compensation costs? Check out our range of work health and wellbeing links and resources, including our work health planning guide, templates and case studies, that can help you improve your workers' health and wellbeing.

Safety leadership

The Safety Leadership at Work Program is designed to develop safety leadership capacity, improve safety culture and contribute to reducing work-related injuries and fatalities in Queensland workplaces.

Through the program, safety leaders at all levels have the opportunity to learn from others, develop their safety leadership skills and build a positive safety culture in their workplace.

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06 November 2017

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The Farm safety calendar competition 2020 is now open!

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Farm safety calendar competion 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to help prevent the spread of infection at work and answers to common workers' compensation questions.


How to help prevent the spread of infection at work and answers to common workers' compensation questions