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Case studies

These case studies demonstrate how organisations have identified and managed workplace factors that impact on workers’ mental health.

Engineering firm puts #HANDSUP for mental health

G&S Engineering is encouraging people to talk about mental health, and put their hands up if they know someone, or if they are someone, who has experienced mental health issues.

Read more about #HANDSUP for mental health

Supporting mentally healthy workplaces

The Sunshine Coast Council launched its FRESHminds program to promote a mentally healthy workplace.

Read more about the Sunshine Coast Council’s FRESHminds program

Implementing a flexible working environment

In order to improve productivity, save costs and improve working conditions, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is implementing a Flexible Working Environment strategy. The approaches used successfully apply the principles of good work design ...

Read more about the Good work design - Australian Bureau of Statistics

Reducing mental disorders

Mental disorders (also known as psychological injuries) arising from stress in the workplace have become an increasingly important concern for workers, businesses and the general community. Work-related stress claims accounted for an average of 95 per cent of mental disorder claims over the ...

Read more about the Reducing psychological injury

Management of fatigue risks

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. It has over 1700 geographically dispersed staff providing surveillance, forecasts and warning services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These services ...

Read more about the Use of good work design

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06 December 2018

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to help prevent the spread of infection at work and answers to common workers' compensation questions.


How to help prevent the spread of infection at work and answers to common workers' compensation questions