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Mentally healthy workplaces

Mentally healthy workplaces

Mentally healthy workplaces overview

Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone. Find out why.

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

This toolkit provides practical tools and resources that employers, managers and leaders can use to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces.

Relevant legislation

What health and safety legislation is relevant to maintaining a mentally healthy workplace?

Guidance and tools

Access guidance and tools to help prevent and manage risks to psychological health and safety.


Find out about upcoming mental health events.


Find out about past and upcoming mental health webinars.

Social partners

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland works collaboratively with a range of Queensland mental health providers to identify key challenges and solutions. Find out more about the workplace programs and resources that are available to enhance workplace mental health.

LeadingWell Queensland

LeadingWell Queensland is a collaboration between Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, SuperFriend and WorkCover Queensland. The collaboration aims to create positive and supportive work cultures and environments through strategic leadership events, practical tools and resources and sharing best practice information and benchmarks.

Queensland Mental Health Ambassador

Libby Trickett is the Queensland Mental Health Ambassador. Hear Libby’s story and find out more about being mentally healthy at work.

Last updated
23 August 2018

Mental Health Week 2018

Join Queensland Mental Health Ambassador, Libby Trickett and hundreds of other businesses to celebrate Mental Health Week, 6-14 October 2018 by attending the Mentally healthy workplaces forum on Monday 8 October.


Mentally healthy workplaces forum

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