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The IPaM process

Once a business commits to participating in the IPaM program they will be allocated a dedicated IPaM Advisor to work with.

IPaM advisors are not inspectors—they provide advice and support to assist you with improving your business processes. IPaM advisors work closely with you throughout your engagement with the program.

IPaM advisors will work with you to complete:

  • reviews of health, safety and injury management systems
  • identification of workplace hazards
  • assessment of workplace safety climate
  • a tailored business improvement plan.

Our IPaM advisors will provide ongoing support by:

  • providing ongoing assistance to implement your business improvement plans
  • putting you in touch with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland specialist and industry networks
  • supplying you with the latest information and guidance on a broad range of work health and safety, injury management and rehabilitation issues.

What steps are involved?

Step 1: Agreement

The IPaM advisor will hold an initial meeting with you and secure your agreement to join the program.

Step 2: Assessments

The IPaM advisor will spend time with you to understand your existing systems and identify areas for improvement. This will be done through:

  • a review of your current safety management systems
  • observing your workplace hazards
  • looking at your existing injury management arrangements
  • understanding your workplace safety culture and climate.

Step 3: Planning

The IPaM Advisor will work with you to develop a tailored business improvement plan which sets out activities and milestones for improving safety and injury management systems.

Step 4: Implementation

Following development of the improvement plan, the IPaM Advisor will arrange regular catch ups to assist with implementing the plan and to monitor progress.

Step 5: Review

Once your business has completed the program, your advisor will undertake a review which identifies areas that need ongoing attention, future opportunities for continued improvement and lessons learned through the process.

Last updated
14 March 2019

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