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Organisations systems improvement resources

Organisational Systems Benchmarking tool Assess whether you have an effective systematic approach to managing areas of: work health and safety, worker health and wellbeing, worker’s compensation and return to work
Work Health Savings calculator This is an easy to use calculator that can help to measure potential savings associated with implementing a successful workplace health program by measuring absenteeism and staff turnover in the workplace.
Safety Leadership at Work Program Designed to improve safety culture and contribute to reducing work-related injuries and fatalities in Queensland workplaces.
People at Work People at Work is a psychosocial risk assessment process. It aims to help organisations identify and manage workplace risks to the psychological health of all the people who work in the organisation.
Work Health and Safety eTools The work health and safety eTools should be used by businesses and organisations to assess the risks for various hazards and determine the return on investment for their health and safety initiatives.
Serious about safe business pack The pack contains tools and information to help you identify what you need to do to make your workplace safer and outlines how to do it.
Total Worker Health Total Worker Health Program has a range of tools a resources to integrate workplace interventions that protect safety and health with activities that advance the overall well-being of workers
WayAhead Workplaces Aims to educate people on mental health and wellbeing and provides links to services and resources that improve mental health.

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Work health planning, resources and templates

Work Health Planning Guide (PDF, 9553.13 KB) The Work Health Planning Guide provides the five steps for general, flexible principles for effectively addressing worker health. These steps are interlinked and are part of a cycle that should be reviewed and improved on a regular basis to best meet the needs of your business over time.
Wellness planning on farm: Live Well, Farm Well Guide to introducing a workplace wellness program at your farm
Management Commitment Work health scanning tool(DOC, 1117 KB) Capture the information needed to business a business case to present to management using the work health scanning tool.
Business case template(DOCX, 566.81 KB) A suggested business case template to get management support and approval for a work health program.
Policy template(DOCX, 437.03 KB)Outline your workplaces’ vision for improving worker health and wellbeing using this policy template.
Work health checklist Keep track of your progress and assess where you are at with addressing worker health using this work health checklist.
Wellness Planning External wellness provider(PDF, 121.16 KB) If you need help with planning and implementing you can use an external wellness provider.
Needs Assessment Healthy people survey Collect information that will help to assess individual and lifestyle needs to help form an action plan.
Healthy places survey The Healthy Places Survey helps you assess your workplace environment. It helps you identify the resources and facilities available as well as the changes you can make to help form an action plan.
Healthy people discussion questions for small groups(PDF, 139.46 KB) If your workplace is small, you can use these questions to start a discussion on understanding your employee’s health needs and interests.
Employee needs assessment tip sheet(PDF, 132.33 KB) How to identify health topics important to your employees.
Workplace needs assessment tip sheet(PDF, 122.59 KB) How you can audit the workplace environment and understand how it supports worker health.
Protecting employee privacy and confidentiality(PDF, 527.1 KB) Ways to protect employee privacy when conducting a needs assessment.
Action Plan Action plan template(DOCX, 21.59 KB) Use this template to create an action plan for your health and wellbeing program.
Action plan example(DOC, 164 KB) Use the action plan example as a guide when developing your action plan for your workplace.
Healthy people strategies(PDF, 128.86 KB) Example strategies focusing on encouraging and supporting all workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and supportive workplace environment.
Healthy places strategies(PDF, 136.41 KB) Example strategies focusing on supporting the workplace to adopt a healthy and supportive workplace environment
Develop a communication plan tip sheet(PDF, 133.44 KB) How to communicate and program your health and wellbeing program in the workplace.
Evaluation Evaluate your Workplace Wellness Program tip sheet(PDF, 101.31 KB) How to evaluate your health and wellbeing program

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All chronic disease risk factors

Principles of Good Work Design handbook  This handbook contains ten principles which demonstrate how to achieve good design of work and work processes.
Managing the work environment and facilities: Code of Practice 2011(PDF, 712.55 KB)  Code of Practice in managing the work environment and facilities.
Hazardous manual tasks: Codes of Practice 2011(PDF, 2281.81 KB)  This Code of Practice is on how to identify hazardous manual tasks and control the risk of workers being affected by musculoskeletal disorders.
Guide for managing risk of fatigue at work.  This Guide provides practical guidance for persons conducting a business or undertaking and other duty holders on how to manage fatigue to ensure it does not contribute to health and safety risks in the workplace.
Flexible and Efficient Workplace Design Guidance. Presents key considerations for workplace design, including balancing competing business needs, implementing an accommodation solution, and managing the opportunities and risks associated with a project.
Quest, Cancer Council QUEST promotes simple, easy changes your organisation can support every day to reduce the risk of cancer for staff, volunteers and their families.
Webinar, Get serious about a healthy workplace, musculoskeletal disorders Focuses on the concepts of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.
Heart Foundation, Healthy Workplace Guide A guide produced by Heart Foundation on the ten steps to implementing a workplace health program.
Shape Up Australia Australian Government initiative to help Australians reduce their waist measurements and improve their overall health and wellbeing. This site includes healthy eating templates and posters.
My Health for Life!My Health for Life! Is a state-wide integrated risk assessment and lifestyle modification program. Delivered by qualified and trained health professionals assisting those at high risk of develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Department of Health Cancer Screening Queensland Government offers screening services for breast, bowel and cervical cancer.

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Smoking resources

Developing a smoke free policy Guide and resources for workplaces to develop and implement a smoke free policy.
Workplace Quit Smoking Program The Workplace Quit Smoking Program is for Queensland workplaces with workers in blue collar occupations who smoke and are interested in stopping. The program is free and is a great opportunity to support your workers to quit smoking. It combines the use of behavioural counselling (delivered by the Quitline service) with nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum and lozenges.
Queensland Government quit smoking information Find information about the laws on cigarette smoking and ways to quit.
National tobacco campaign Find information, tools and resources and campaigns on quit smoking.
Quitline Q&A videos Videos on how Quitline can assist with quit smoking.
Lung Foundation Australia – Supporting a smoke-free workplace. Information on smoke-free workplaces by state or territory.

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Healthy Eating Resources

Employers' guide to shifting nutrition(PDF, 2482.33 KB)  A guide for workplaces on catering for healthy eating for shift workers.
Shifting Nutrition - A shift workers' guide to nutrition(PDF, 2643.01 KB)  A guide for shift workers on healthy eating.
Food environment tools for construction sites  A healthy eating environment audit tool designed specific to construction workplaces.
Choose Well Live Well(PDF, 4127.05 KB)  A guide for implementation of nutrition standards and point of choice promotions in Australian remote area camps.
Healthy choice catering(PDF, 1044.7 KB)  Catering guidelines for workplaces to providing healthy options in the workplaces.
Energy drinks and worker health(PDF, 277.93 KB)  Fact sheet on how energy drinks impact business and what workplaces can do.
Get healthy Qld Coaching and Information Service   This is a free and confidential phone-based service designed to help Queenslanders make positive physical activity and nutritional changes. Promote the service as part of your workplace wellness program. Participants get:
  • a personal health coach
  • 10 free coaching calls over six months
  • resources to help track their progress.
Healthy Eating Queensland Government website on food and nutrition resources.
Heart Foundation, Healthy Workplace Catering Workplace specific catering resources including a guide, checklist and policy template.
A Better Choice Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Health Facilities.
Nutrition Australia A non-profit, community nutrition organisation that provides education, support and training to shape the health and wellbeing of our community to make informed food choices including workplaces.
Go for 2&5 Highlights the benefits of fruit and vegetables and ways to increase fruit and vegetable intake and recipes.
The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating A food selection guide which visually represents the proportion of the five food groups recommended for consumption each day.
8700 NSW Government initiative focusing on providing information on kilojules in foods.

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Alcohol resources

Webinar, Get serious about a healthy workplace, Drugs and alcohol Focuses on the concepts of an integrated approach to health, safety and wellbeing in the management of drugs and alcohol.
Framework for alcohol and drug management in workplaces Outlines framework for developing a policy on reducing the work-related risks associated with drug and alcohol use.
Alcohol, Australian Government Information about alcohol-related health issues and Australian Government policy.
National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction Provides information, resources and strategies to minimise AOD related risk to workplace safety, productivity and worker wellbeing.
Hello Sunday Morning An independent, not-for-profit organisation that supports individuals to change their relationship with alcohol. Website and app to support alcohol behaviour change.
Alcohol think again An education campaign that aims to reduce the level of alcohol-related harm and ill health in Western Australia. Provides information, resources about alcohol-related harms and links to support services.
Alcohol and Drug Foundation Drug Info. Provides information, resources, publications about alcohol and drugs and links to support services.
DrinkWise Australia An independent, not-for-profit organisation which helps to bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia. Website provides information, resources about alcohol consumption and drinking culture.
Drug Education Network Non-government organisation funded to deliver a range of health promotion, prevention, and early intervention programs to reduce the harm associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use across Tasmania.
Dry July Dry July Foundation raises money for people affected by cancer by getting people to give up alcohol for a month. Not only is giving up alcohol for a month a way to raise money for charity, but it also has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and a clearer head.

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Physical activity resources


10,000 steps

A free health promotion program for workplaces, community groups and individuals that encourages the use of step-counting pedometers to monitor your daily physical activity levels.
Walktober Australia’s largest community walking event.
Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines Contains Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines including links to brochures, a summary fact sheet for each of the guidelines, tips and ideas for how to be physically active, as well as evidence review reports.
Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing Provides information about sport and recreation programs, parks and facilities to help Queenslanders be more active.
Department of Health – Healthy Weight Guide Website that provides information and tools to help people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Heart Foundation – Active workplaces Provides resources, case studies and tips for moving more and sitting less at work.
Healthy Workers Initiative – Move more Tips on how to promote physical activity in workplaces including tools for employers and employees.

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Sedentary work resources

Comcare – Sedentary work practices toolkit. Provides information, guidance materials and templates to help workplaces develop and apply an organisational strategy to reduce prolonged sitting in the workplace
Safe Work Australia - Sedentary work Summary of the literature review evidence on an emergent work health and safety issue. Provides publications and resources on the hazards of sedentary work
BeUpstanding-Champion Toolkit An easily accessible web-based resource freely available to workplaces to reduce sitting time in Australian workers for a happier, healthier workforce.
Guidelines for sit to stand computer workstations Provides guidelines for standing workstations

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Mental health resources

Webinar, Get serious about a healthy workplace, Psychological barriers to rehabilitation and return to work Focuses on the psychological barriers to rehabilitation and return to work.
Work Safe Queensland – Mental health at Work Provides mental health information, case studies, tools and resources for workplaces.
Superfriend A national mental health organisation focused on creating positive, health and safe working environments where every employee can be well and thrive.
National guidance material - SafeWork Australia Work-related psychological health and safety. A systematic approach to meeting your duties
Beyond Blue Not-for-profit organisation that provides information and support to help Australians achieve their best possible mental health. Provides mental health information, resources, publications and support services for families, schools and universities, workplaces, aged care, and health professionals.
National Mental Health Commission Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance supports Australian workplaces to create workplaces that are mentally healthy. Provides information, resources, case studies, research and links to support services.
Sane A national charity that aims to help Australians affected by mental illness to live a better life. Provides mental health information, resources and support services.
Mental Health First Aid Australia Not-for-profit charity that provides mental health first aid training across Australia. Website also includes information, resources and publications about mental health first aid.
Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland Provides mental health support, accommodation support, employment support, carer support, education and training for individuals and groups affected by mental illness.
Black Dog Institute Not-for-profit organisation and research institute for improving the lives of people affected by poor mental health. Provides information, resources, and research and support services for mental health including workplace mental health programs.
Lifeline A national charity providing Australians with 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention telephone services. Website includes information, online tools and resources and links to support services.
Queensland Mental Health Commission Aims to improve mental health of Queenslanders and minimise the impact of substance misuse.
Mates in Construction   A charity which aims to prevent suicide in the construction industry through toolbox training and 24 hour help line.
Heads Up Provides free tools and resources to individuals and businesses for mentally healthy workplaces.
Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health Delivers mental health programs and services to people living and working in rural and remote Australia
Mind health connect Find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services from Australia’s leading health providers, together in one place
Mental Health Association Queensland Non-government, not-for-profit organisation that provides supports and services to individuals on good mental health
The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance Brings together like-minded organisations committed to working with businesses to create mentally health workplaces.
Guide for preventing and responding to workplace bullying This guide provides information for persons conducting a business or undertaking on how to manage the risks of workplace bullying as part of meeting their duties under the work health and safety laws.
Blueprint for mental health in mining  This Blueprint spells out goals and strategies for the promotion of health, prevention of mental health problems and response to those in need. It also describes programs for supporting return to work, underpinned by an emphasis on robust evaluation
Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration Provides a number of resources on supporting workplaces to address mental health and wellbeing as well as case studies.

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Sun safety resources

Danger Sun OverheadThe program provides information and resources on how to prevent skin cancer.
Queensland Government – Sun safety and skin cancer Provides information, resources about sun safety and skin cancer.
Cancer Council Queensland Provides information, resources and support services about sun safety and skin cancer including Sun Safety Policy

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Networks and associations

Workplace Health Association Australia A national association of providers, organisations, practitioners, students and suppliers who have a belief and passion that the contribution of workplace health in Australia is of growing relevance and benefit to organisations, individuals and the growth of the Australian economy.
Heart Foundation Charity dedicated to fighting heart disease.
Diabetes Australia The national body for people affected by all types of diabetes and those at risk.
Stroke Foundation National not-for-profit organisation working across the stroke journey, supporting stroke survivors, carers, health professionals, governments and the public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community.
Nutrition Australia A not-for-profit, community nutrition organisation that provides education, support and training to shape the health and wellbeing of our community to make informed food choices including workplaces.
Dietitians Association of Australia The national association of the dietetic profession, with branches in each state and territory.
Healthier. Happier Healthier. Happier. is all about change and making Queensland the healthiest state.
Healthier Workplace WA Healthier Workplace WA offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help them support and encourage their workers to make positive lifestyle changes that benefit everyone.
WorkHealth VictoriaVictoria’s programs and services offered to Victorian workplaces.
Health and Wellbeing, WorkSafe Tasmania Tasmania’s health and wellbeing services for workplaces.
Get Healthy at Work, New South Wales NSW Government initiative that aims to improve the health of working adults by giving businesses the tools, resources and support to address health.
Healthier Work, ACT Free ACT government service established to support employers to develop health and wellbeing initiatives within a workplace.
World Health Organisation Role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations’ system.
WELCOA, Wellness Council of America United States of America website that provides resources for high-performing, healthy workplaces.

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Mental health articles

Realising the health benefits of good work

WorkCover Queensland and the Queensland Government supports the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians' position statement, 'Realising the health benefits of good work'

Work plays an important role in any rehabilitation process because ‘doing’ promotes recovery. Find out why in this film which provides an overview of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Position Statement on realising the health benefits of work.

Watch the film.

We promote stay at work, or if you have to take a break from work, we encourage recovering at work. WorkCover Queensland and the Queensland Government are signatories to the consensus statement on the health benefits of good work. For more information on how we do this, and what can be achieved by keeping the worker at work or getting them back to work soon after an injury, visit the Working with WorkCover page.

Publications for workplaces 

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