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Work health planning guide

Work health planning guide

This interactive work health planning guide is designed to assist businesses take steps to improve the health and wellbeing of workers in a workplace setting. Supporting your workers to improve their health and wellbeing could also improve your business' safety performance, productivity and workplace culture.

This guide will help you to work through each stage of developing an effective workplace health and wellbeing program.

  1. Management commitment
  2. Wellness planning
  3. Needs assessment
  4. Action plan
  5. Evaluation

Where you are currently at with your health and wellbeing program will determine what step you will start with.


  • this is a dynamic process, not a checklist
  • all elements should be considered throughout the life of a program
  • the first 3 steps are about getting organised to implement your program/initiative
  • the last 2 steps are centred around the implementation of your program/initiative.

Download the Work health planning guide (PDF, 9553.13 KB)

Who should use this guide?

The work health planning guide is aimed at business owners, health and safety professionals, human resources staff, and anyone that has a role in managing workers.

The information in this guide can be applied to businesses of all sizes and all industries.

How to use the guide

To ensure a structured approach, work through each stage of the guide and make use of the associated tools and templates.

You can customise the tools and templates so they meet the individual needs of your organisation.

Work Health Planning Guide resources

Step 1: Management commitment

Step 2: Wellness planning

Step 3: Needs assessment

Step 4: Action plan

Step 5: Evaluation

More information

For further enquiries or to provide feedback on the Work Health Planning Guide, email Workplace Health and Safety Queensland at or call us on 1300 362 128.

The Work Health Planning Guide is part of the Queensland Workplaces for Wellness Initiative, a joint Australian, State and Territory Government initiative, funded under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

Last updated
30 October 2017

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