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Health and wellbeing at work

Health and wellbeing at work

Work health: health and wellbeing in the workplace

Well designed and well managed workplaces can play a beneficial role in promoting worker health and wellbeing, minimising avoidable ill health, and facilitating faster recovery and return to work after injury or illness.


Taking steps to help you and your workers improve health and wellbeing could also improve your business' safety performance, productivity and workplace culture. Broadening the scope of your workplace health and safety systems to include work health can have considerable benefits for your business.


Worker health and wellbeing can have a direct effect on work health and safety and business performance.

Integrating health, wellbeing and safety in the workplace

Good work health and safety systems can easily incorporate health and wellbeing risk management into existing policies and procedures, because the fundamental goals of work health are the same as work safety.

Work health in key industries and sectors

The construction, transport, and the rural and resources industries in Queensland have been identified as high risk when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their workers.

Work health links and resources

There are lots of useful links available to you. Whether you are looking for more information, or ideas for your workplace work health program, or specific advice on a range of health and wellbeing topics, the links below can assist.

Work health planning guide

This interactive work health planning guide is designed to assist businesses take steps to improve the health and wellbeing of workers in a workplace setting.

Work health and wellbeing events

The work health and wellbeing leadership breakfast forum series is for managers and leaders interested in leveraging work health and wellbeing to improve injury prevention and return to work.

Health and wellbeing articles

A healthy workplace can help reduce an individual’s chances of developing many chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes by supporting workers to be active, reduce stress, quit smoking and eat healthy. Useful links and articles on these topics are included here.

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04 April 2017

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