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What is ManTRA?

ManTRA is a manual tasks risk assessment tool that was developed by the University of Queensland, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the Curtin University of Technology. Users of ManTRA should have a sound understanding of the risk factors and risk management of hazardous manual tasks.

ManTRA eTool

The ManTRA eTool is an electronic version of the paper based ManTRA tool (PDF, 246.05 KB) .

For more detailed information about ManTRA, refer to:

Instructions for ManTRA eTool use

Users enter data about the manual task in the eTool fields. This data includes rating the physical risk factors for four body regions (neck/shoulder, arm/wrist/hand, back and lower limbs).

The score for each risk factor is based on the task as a whole and for the person performing the task.

The ManTRA eTool automatically combines this data to determine action thresholds for repetition risk, exertion risk and cumulative risk. These action thresholds are presented in the results table. Further action is suggested if the thresholds are reached or exceeded. For example:

  • the exertion risk factor is 5
  • the cumulative risk is 15 or greater
  • the sum of exertion and awkwardness is 8 or greater.

How are the action thresholds in the results calculated?

Exertion risk is determined by combining the scores for speed and force using a scoring matrix (it is not a sum of these scores).

Repetition risk is determined by combining the scores for cycle time and duration using a scoring matrix (it is not a sum of these scores). The value for repetition risk is used to determine the cumulative risk.

Cumulative risk is a sum of the scores for the total time,repetition risk, exertion risk, awkwardness and vibration.

Further information

For more information on how the raw data is combined to determine the action threshold values, please refer to the paper-based tool (PDF, 246.05 KB) which includes the matrixes that provide values for repetition risk and exertion risk.

Last updated
25 August 2020

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