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Not all hazardous chemicals and substances are regulated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Details and specific information on the regulation and safety for substances that you may use at your workplace (such as explosives or radioactive materials) can be found on the websites of other regulatory agencies.

As a courtesy, links and guides to consultants are also provided along with information about national and international agencies.

Regulatory agencies in Queensland

Contacts and related links for regulatory agencies (for fuel gases Class 2.1, gas as fuel, explosives and radioactive materials) in Queensland.

National and international agencies

National and international agencies contacts and related links for hazardous chemicals and substances.

Industry consultants for hazardous chemicals

Industry consultants, training providers, and equipment suppliers contacts and related links for hazardous chemicals and substances and risk management.

Hazchem links - including dangerous goods

List of links relevant to the use, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals (incorporating dangerous goods).

Last updated
04 April 2017

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