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Electrical licensing for repair and reinstatement work

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Electrical work within a declared disaster situation

When a declaration of the Disaster Situation for a Disaster District is in place under the Queensland Disaster Management Act 2003, the following applies:

  • A district disaster coordinator (DDC) or declared disaster officer (DDO) may require a person to give reasonable help to assist with the carrying out of powers in the event of a disaster (s.77(1)(q)).
  • A person, including a person who may not be the holder of an electrical licence, but who has a relevant electrician qualification and has relevant experience, may be required to give reasonable help in work such as maintaining or restoring essential services including electricity.

Undertaking repair and reinstatement work within a declared disaster situation

Licensed Electricians

A person who holds a current Queensland electrical mechanic licence or a current equivalent interstate or New Zealand electrical licence (as per Schedule 1 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 (the Regulation)) and who wishes to undertake flood repair electrical work should contact Master Electricians Australia (MEA) or the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) Queensland for specific flood-related electrical work for repair or reinstatement.

Unlicensed Electricians

A person who claims to be a qualified electrician but who has an expired Queensland electrical mechanic licence or an expired equivalent interstate or New Zealand electrical licence (as per Schedule 1 of the Regulation) must produce their qualification to a District Disaster Co-ordinator. The District Disaster Co-ordinator may authorise the person to perform specific flood-related work for electrical repair or reinstatement.

Volunteering and notifying availability

Emergency Management Queensland suggest registering your availability on the Volunteering Queensland (VQ) website or contacting VQ directly on 1800 994 100 so that your details may be referred to the DDC or DDO for allocation. This site will register both for volunteering and fee-for-service work of skilled persons.

You may also wish to contact the electrical industry associations for advice on how to assist:

You could also contact an electrical contractor about flood repair work using Yellow pages.

Electrical work other than within a declared disaster situation

All electrical installation work outside a declared disaster situation must be carried out by a qualified electrical mechanic who holds a Queensland electrical mechanic licence or an equivalent licence of another Australian jurisdiction or New Zealand, as listed in Schedule 1 of the Regulation. The electrical mechanic must either be employed by a licensed electrical contractor, or they may be the employee of a company on whose own electrical installation they perform electrical installation and maintenance work.

The Electrical Safety office will expedite an application for an electrical contractor licence from an out-of-state electrical contractor licence holder.

There may be particular situations where a Queensland electrical contractor licence is not required. For these, or if you have other relevant circumstances not described above, please contact the Electrical Licensing Information Service on 1300–362–128.

Last updated
11 May 2020

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