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Queensland electrical equipment certification

Certification required

Electrical equipment and appliances sold in Queensland must comply with the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

In Queensland, prior to offering for sale/supply household and similar types of level 3 in-scope electrical equipment (as listed in the defining standard AS/NZS 4417.2), a Certificate of Conformity must be issued and uploaded onto the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) national certification database, and be registered to a responsible supplier. In Queensland certificates are issued by a certifier who is declared as a Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS). Other jurisdictions may also issue certificates, or have schemes to accredit certifiers to issue certificates.

The responsible supplier of the equipment is required to register the equipment on the EESS national registration database, using the Certificate of Conformity number on the certification database.

Certificates issued by Queensland

The following certifiers are currently Queensland declared RECS for issuing certificates in the EESS:

RECS are authorised to issue level 3 Certificates of Conformity and voluntary level 1 and level 2 Certificates of Suitability for household and similar in-scope electrical equipment. These certifiers upload their issued certificates onto the EESS national database so that the responsible supplier can register the equipment.

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO) no longer issues certificates and prefers certificates to be issued by the Queensland accredited RECS - see point 1 below. From 1 April 2019, the ESO will no longer issue renewals or modifications for existing ESO issued certificates including products for which marking requirements are not required to be changed to the RCM at this stage (such as supply flexible cords and plugs). Please contact the ESO for further information to assist transition to other certifiers for ESO issued certificates.

Certificates issued in other jurisdictions

The following regulatory authorities (who also use the definitions listed in the defining standard AS/NZS 4417.2) issue certificates that are also uploaded onto the EESS national certification database. The responsible supplier can register the equipment using these certificates (note: some regulatory authorities only issue certificates for companies located within their state):

In addition, NSW Fair Trading, or one of their approved Recognised External Approvals Schemes (REAS) certifiers, also issue certificates. NSW Fair Trading do not use the defining standard AS/NZS 4417.2, they have a separate gazetted listing of ‘declared articles’. Certificates issued under NSW legislative requirements for declared articles can also be uploaded onto the national certification database for responsible suppliers to use to register the equipment they offer for sale/supply.

Applying for certificates

You only need to apply to one certifier for a certificate. You can:

1. Apply directly to a Queensland Recognised External Certification Scheme

All Recognised External Certification Schemes (RECS) will require the same technical information and reports to issue a certificate, so choose your preferred RECS by considering what is important, such as the time and cost they quote for issuing a certificate. Contact the RECS directly for that information:

2. Apply to other jurisdictions

If you choose to use the Victorian, Tasmanian or South Australian regulatory authority to apply for a certificate you apply through the certification facility at

The process requires the applicant to log on to the online application system. The application will need:

  • an application fee (payment for the application must be made by credit card at the time of application).
  • documentation and evidence as required by the EESS Equipment Safety Rules.

The documents will need to be uploaded onto the website as part of the online application, and so you will need them in electronic format. Please provide all required information as completely and correctly as possible to ensure the process can be completed as quickly as possible and lessen the risk of refusal.

Once the regulator is satisfied the electrical equipment meets all relevant requirements, the certificate will be issued electronically and will be uploaded onto the EESS national database.

You can also search online for details of electrical equipment certificates of conformity.

For the process of application for certification by NSW Fair Trading or its certifiers, go to NSW Fair Trading for details (noting the NSW Fair Trading certificates do not automatically get uploaded onto the EESS national certification database). If you chose a NSW Fair Trading accredited REAS certifier, you will need to contact them directly (noting that those REAS certifiers may upload their declared article certificates onto the EESS national certification database).

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10 January 2019

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