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In-scope electrical equipment

What is in-scope electrical equipment?

In-scope electrical equipment is low voltage electrical equipment that is:

  • rated at greater than 50 V AC RMS or 120V ripple-free DC
  • rated at less than 1000V AC RMS or 1500V ripple-free DC
  • designed, or marketed as suitable for household, personal or similar use.

It is immaterial whether the equipment is also designed or marketed for commercial or industrial purposes.

Prior to sale in Queensland, in-scope equipment must meet certain requirements. There are proportionate requirements based on the identified risk level of the equipment.

In-scope equipment is broken into three risk levels (categories), these are:

  • Level 3 – equipment requirements:
    • Certificate of Conformity issued by Government Regulators or recognised external certification scheme. Issuing certificates requires accredited test reports that must show the equipment meets relevant safety standards
    • must be registered on the national database and be linked to a registered responsible supplier.
      Note: the certificate of conformity for the equipment must also be listed on the national database.
  • Level 2 – equipment requirements:
    • a compliance folder available upon request within 10 days which details evidence that the equipment is electrically safe and meets the relevant standard.
    • must be registered on the national database and to be linked to a registered responsible supplier.
      Note: details of what should be in a compliance folder are found in Appendix B of the Equipment Safety Rules.
  • Level 1 – requirements:
    • the responsible supplier to be registered and have evidence that the equipment is electrically safe.
      A registered responsible supplier is required to be registered on the national database before level 1 equipment is sold/supplied. The responsible supplier must register the brand and type for level 1 equipment on the national database. Model numbers can voluntarily be listed. Listing level 1 equipment does not attract fees.

For further information regarding risk classifications of electrical equipment, please review the Equipment Safety Rules on the ERAC website.

View Electrical equipment fees.

List of level 2 and level 3 electrical equipment

Level 2 and level 3 electrical equipment as called up in legislation are listed and defined in AS/NZS 4417.2 Marking of electrical products to indicate compliance with regulations – Specific requirements for electrical safety regulatory applications. The below lists level 3 electrical equipment as at 1 March 2013 using commonly recognised names. View the current list of level 2 & 3 electrical equipment (PDF, 375.42 KB) as at September 2018.

Any equipment that is in-scope electrical equipment that is not classified as level 3 or level 2 equipment is level 1 equipment.

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03 October 2018

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