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Licence conditions for asbestos assessor licence

  1. The licence holder must, when requested, provide the regulator with information about the licence holder’s upcoming asbestos assessor activities, including the date and location of the proposed activities.
  2. The licence holder must, when requested, provide the regulator with records of asbestos assessments carried out by the licence holder in the last 12 months or, if the licence was granted in the last 12 months, since the licence was granted.
  3. The licence holder must ensure that all air monitoring samples obtained by the licence holder in relation to class A asbestos removal work are analysed by a laboratory that has provided written confirmation to the licensed asbestos assessor that the laboratory’s analytical process comply, at a minimum, with the requirements of the Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres.
Last updated
10 January 2019

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