Resolving barriers in getting back to work

Some injured workers have concerns about their return to work. You may experience these concerns, and here are some tips for overcoming them.

Barrier Recommendation
You may have a fear of re-injury or that you won't be able to return to work, and a belief that complete rest is required and that they need to be 100% fit to return or that continuing to work will cause further harm.

Maintain your social connection with the workplace.

Liaise with your treating doctor. There are many health benefits in returning to work. Be sure to focus on what you can do. Discuss the your concerns regarding re-injury with your health professional and employer and determine if there are work health and safety risk factors that need to be managed to reduce the risk, this may include liaising with relevant staff such as safety professionals. Discuss your fears with the treating doctor, employer or insurer. Setting small manageable goals may assist. Return to work planning outcomes and expectations should be clear and defined to you from the employer and treating doctor.

You may have a poor relationship with your rehabilitation coordinator or supervisor Discuss with your employer or manager.
Refer to your insurer case manager for assistance.
You may be concerned that there is no income for an extended period following injury and/or claim lodgment Check your claim has been lodged and liaise with the insurer.
Arrange for payment of sick or annual leave, or contact Centrelink or other community agencies.

Last updated
09 November 2016