Focusing on getting back to work

Set a goal! Set a return to work date as a target. To achieve your target you may need assistance from your employer, your doctor and the insurer.

Keep your employer informed of your progress and if you consider you can perform parts of the job or other tasks in the workplace. Some return to work programs start with only a few hours of work and gradually increase your hours over time. A suitable duties plan must be formulated with your input.

Tell your treating doctor about improvements in your condition and ask the doctor to contact your employer about possible options to return to work. Remember, the doctor will not have knowledge of all the opportunities for return to work at your workplace.

If your progress in getting back to work is slow do not hesitate to request assistance. Your insurer has a great amount of expertise and will help coordinate return to work opportunities and importantly can liaise with your employer or the medical practitioner to allow you to remain focused on getting back to work. Sometimes, returning to work with your current employer is not always an option as the employer may not have alternate duties. If you still have capacity to work, the insurer may be able to assist and find a host employer for you.

Last updated
09 November 2016