Getting back for injured workers

The getting back to work process

Successful return to work planning involves the injured worker, employer and the health professional working together to achieve the same goal of ‘getting back to work’. It’s important to focus on what the injured worker can do when planning their return to work. Read more about The getting back to work process

Success stories

Getting back to work following a workplace injury is an important step for recovery. Returning to meaningful work when your doctor believes you are ready can mean you recover more quickly than workers who remain off work until they are completely recovered. View the success stories from Queensland injured workers' to inspire your return to work. Read more about Success stories

Getting you back to work

Following a work injury you need to consult a doctor to obtain a medical certificate. You may then make a decision to lodge a workers' compensation claim with your employer's workers' compensation insurer. It is important to always keep your employer and your insurer informed from the time of your initial doctor's visit until you fully recover. Read more about Getting you back to work

Visiting the doctor

When visiting the doctor talk with them about what you could do at work. Focus on what tasks you believe you could safely complete at the workplace. Remember the doctor will issue a medical certificate based on their examination and the information given by you. Read more about Visiting the doctor

Tips for getting back to work

There are many ways to stay or get back to work including planning your return to work with your doctor from your very first consultation. Set a date to return to work and stay focused on achieving your target. Read more about Tips for getting back to work

Focusing on getting back to work

Set a goal! Set a return to work date as a target. To achieve your target you may need assistance from your employer, your doctor and the insurer. Keep your employer informed of your progress and if you consider you can perform parts of the job or other tasks in the workplace. Read more about Focusing on getting back to work

Resolving barriers in getting back to work

Some injured workers have concerns about their return to work. You may experience these concerns, and here are some tips for overcoming them. Read more about Resolving barriers in getting back to work


Under the Act, workers are required to cooperate with their insurer, their employer and their doctors. This helps the insurer make a decision on the claim and also helps workers receive appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation as quickly as possible. Read more about Obligations

Further information

More information on other success stories and related information. Read more about Further information

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09 November 2016