Resolving barriers in getting back to work

As a health professional, your role is vital in facilitating return to work. You may experience some of these concerns.



The injured worker believes they cannot go back to work unless they are fully recovered.


The role of a treating doctor or other health professional is to explain the injury to the worker and reassure them that their injury will be managed so they can return to work safely.

Initiate and maintain close liaison with the insurer case manager.

Discuss the health benefits of work and advantages of returning to work early with the injured worker.

The injured worker has an expectation of an extended period away from work due to the injury.

Communication from the initial consultation is important. As the treating doctor the initial consultation sets the scene for the injured worker and strongly influences future actions. If an employer or insurer has supplied information about possible alternative duties, consider if an opportunity exists to commence an early return to work.

Last updated
09 November 2016