An employer with a business in Queensland who employs workers must have an accident insurance policy with WorkCover Queensland to protect against costly claims for compensation. There are penalties if you don’t. You cannot pay your own claim costs. Employers meeting criteria may self-insure, but the majority of employers in Queensland will be required to insure with WorkCover Queensland. If you manage claims well, you give yourself every opportunity to pay less for the accident insurance. As an employer you must:

  • ensure medical treatment and assessment.
  • record details of the work-related injury or illness.
  • provide the worker with relevant return to work information.
  • notify of an incident at the workplace by emailing completed incident notification form to whsq.aaa@oir.qld.gov.au or phone on 1300 362 128.
  • offer alternative duties.
  • maintain accurate case notes and important details about an injured worker's rehabilitation and return to work program.

Last updated
05 July 2017