Communicating with the doctor

Making contact with the injured worker's treating doctor as soon as possible after you become aware of the injury is critical.

With the worker’s consent, an employer representative can contact the doctor to discuss return to work options. Before speaking with the doctor, consider all return to work options and importantly explain to the worker what is proposed for their return to work. The initial discussion should be about duties you have available and which the doctor considers the worker can safely undertake.

For more information on how to communicate with doctors, view our webinar recording, Communicating with doctors – back to basics.

Having input from the employer will also assist the doctor in considering the benefits that an early return to work can have for the worker. Most doctors are happy to discuss return to work options with an employer representative at the end of a consultation.

If follow up visits to a doctor occur, ensure you keep the doctor informed on any progression of the worker's condition and the suitable duties plan.

Last updated
09 November 2016