Achieving better outcomes

Being prepared to act quickly in the event of a workplace injury is important to ensure early intervention. This includes:

  • Know the location of the local doctor.
  • Prepare information to provide the doctor which outlines your support for recovery at work for your injured workers and suitable duties you could provide.
  • Write a policy and procedure to establish how return to work will happen in your workplace. You should include this in employee induction and ongoing training so staff know what to expect if they are injured at work and what their responsibilities are if they have a role in injury management. This should include the rights and responsibilities of all parties.
  • Use the Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool to provide guidance to help you improve your management of safety, return to work and health and wellbeing at your workplace.
  • Review what is working and what may not have worked well in the past. Take the opportunity when a worker has returned from injury or illness to obtain their feedback on how you as the employer performed your role in getting them back to work. Make continual improvements to your procedures based on this feedback and other methods of review.
  • Obtain advice from your insurer regarding your businesses past performance in return to work and how they think this could be improved.

Last updated
09 November 2016