Getting back for employers

The getting back to work process

Successful return to work planning involves the injured worker, employer and the health professional working together to achieve the same goal of ‘getting back to work’. It’s important to focus on what the injured worker can do when planning their return to work. Read more about The getting back to work process

Success stories

Looking for inspiration about how to improve your return to work outcomes? Check out these films, for real life examples of how Queensland employers from a range of different industries have implemented practices to improve their return to work outcomes and support injured workers to get back to work. Read more about Success stories

Getting back to work is good business

Supporting injured workers in getting back to work makes good business sense. The potential savings from supporting early return to work can help business maintain operational requirements and minimise claim costs that impact on workers’ compensation premiums. Read more about Getting back to work is good business

Communicating with the doctor

Making contact with the injured workers’ treating doctor as soon as possible after you become aware of the injury is critical. Read more about Communicating with the doctor

Tips for getting the injured worker back to work

Getting back to work following a workplace injury is an important step in your injured workers' recovery. Read more about Tips for getting the injured worker back to work

Achieving better outcomes

Being prepared to act quickly in the event of a workplace injury is important to ensure early intervention. Read more about Achieving better outcomes


An employer with a business in Queensland who employs workers must have an accident insurance policy with WorkCover Queensland to protect against costly claims for compensation. There are penalties if you don’t. Read more about Obligations

Last updated
09 November 2016