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February 2019

Priority infringeable offences (on-the-spot fines)

The Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Policy was developed in response to the 2017 Best Practice Review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

New guide to officer health and safety duties

Who is an officer responsible for work health and safety? What does an officer need to do? What are the health and safety duties of an officer?

North Queensland Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference

The North Queensland Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference returns to Townsville next month – register now!

Safe immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers campaign

Unsafe heavy vehicle and trailer immobilisation has led to several deaths and serious injuries in recent years when heavy vehicles have rolled away or moved without warning.

Major fine for builder after painter’s fatal fall

A Far North Queensland builder has been fined $250,000 in the Cairns Magistrates Court, following a workplace incident in which a worker died after falling through a void.

Outdoor workers, skin cancer and the sun

If your organisation has outdoor workers, or even workers who periodically will be exposed to the sun, then you need to manage their risk of sun exposure.

Grey fleets – a significant risk with unique challenges

Road safety management of standard car fleets is generally well regulated and well understood, but this is not the case for grey fleets. Grey fleets include vehicles used for work that are not owned by the driver’s employer. As more organisations increase their use of grey fleets, concerns about managing the safety risk from their use have also increased.

Are you focused on improving safety for your young workers?

Every year more than 4,400 workers aged between 15 and 24 years are seriously injured at work, often within the first six months of starting a new job.

Cattle transporter embraces technology to improve safety

Road Trains of Australia Pty Ltd is a privately-owned transport company with over 40 years’ experience, specialising in transporting livestock, petroleum products, bulk commodities and general freight.

Work-related mental health conditions infographic

Work-related mental health conditions take a huge toll on worker health and productivity, with the negative impact felt by individuals, their families, and colleagues. Take a look at this new infographic from Safe Work Australia which shows the rate, type and causes of work-related mental health conditions to help you focus on how to reduce these statistics.

What is the best way to lift?

Well, there is no definitive best way to lift. Any manual lifting which requires force, awkward or static postures, or is repetitive, may contain some risk of injury.

QUT researchers seek worker views of health and safety

Queensland University of Technology researchers are still looking for Queensland workers to participate in a survey to better understand work safety at the grassroots level.

Q fever risks and construction work

Q fever is an infectious bacterial disease infecting some livestock, pets and wildlife. Infected animals shed bacteria in urine, faeces and milk, and especially in birth products which can cause widespread contamination of the environment.

Workplace exposure standards open for public comment

Safe Work Australia is currently evaluating the Workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants to ensure they are based on the highest quality evidence and supported by a rigorous scientific approach. They are seeking public comments of a technical nature on the draft evaluation reports and recommendations for the workplace exposure standards (WES) throughout 2019, beginning with respirable crystalline silica and respirable coal dust. Comments are due by 30 April 2019.

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27 February 2019

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Farm safety calendar competion 2020

Back to the Future of Injury Management Conference

Register now for this two-day conference in Brisbane from 19-20 March 2019. Improving injury management outcomes following workplace injuries and injury prevention is important to all workers and employer so lock in this event in your 2019 calendar.


Back to the Future of Injury Management Conference