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Submersible water pump safety warning

Consumers, especially those in the agriculture industry, have been warned of a safety issue with the KASA Deep Diver modelwater pump which is being sold online to businesses across Australia.

If you have recently purchased a pump, check the brand and model. If you have the KASA Deep Diver model, stop using it immediately. It is electrically unsafe, and has been recalled by importer, the Pump Factory. The pump is designed for use in bore water wells with a depth of 50 metres, but has issues with its internal construction, insulation and earthing connections, leading to a significant risk of electric shock.

KASA submersible bore hole pump

The recall of this item highlights the risk of purchasing online electrical equipment that may not comply with Australian safety standards. Consumers are advised to only buy from reputable suppliers that can demonstrate their electrical equipment complies with these standards.

It goes without saying that using electrical equipment in and around water presents serious safety risks. To minimise these risks, electric water pumps should:

  • always be used in accordance with their safety instructions
  • be operated through a circuit protected by a safety switch (even a portable safety switch)
  • be switched off at the socket outlet before lowering or pulling the pump out of the water or bore
  • only ever be repaired or modified by a licensed electrical worker.

We recommend safety switches are installed on all circuits to protect you, your family and anyone visiting your property from electric shock. If you are unsure, call your electrician to check your home or workplace is safe.

Further information

View further details of the product recall.

Last updated
27 September 2017

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