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Beware of the risks of working with high voltage plant

If you are using high voltage plant you must be aware of the risks of electric shock.

In 2015, two electrical workers were killed in Western Australia in an explosion while they were maintaining a Long and Crawford high voltage oil-insulated fuse switch. The high current fault occurred in the tank of the unit, vaporising most of the insulating oil and causing the fatal explosion.

Owners, operators and electrical workers using the Long and Crawford, or any oil-insulated fuse switch should not open the lid of these units unless it is completely isolated from the electricity supply.

Electrical workers are reminded it is unsafe to perform work on any electrical equipment while it is energised. Oil filled switches found in service should only be worked on under safe access to high voltage procedures.

Further information

Further information about the Long and Crawford incident can be found on the Western Australian EnergySafety website.

Last updated
25 January 2018

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