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How are you protecting your kids?

Child safety in home workplaces

Every year children are seriously injured or killed in home-based workplaces because safety has been overlooked or risks have not been controlled with kids in mind. In some cases you might not even think of it as a workplace – just servicing your truck on your driveway for instance. But where there are vehicles, machinery, power tools and other equipment, there are risks. Risks that your kids probably won’t think about.

This campaign highlights some of the dangers you should be looking out for if you operate a business from your home – especially if you have kids.

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Download a copy of this film (ZIP, 164MB)

  • Read transcript
    • Voice Over: Your home business can be as dangerous as any other workplace.
      Man: Righto mate, bring her down.
      Man: Wait! Stop! No, no!
      Voice Over: How are you protecting your kids?
      Voice Over: Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.

      RUN TIME: 36 seconds

What can my home business do to reduce the risks?

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Wow, made me think twice about safety measures at my home business.

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