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Learning outcomes

The Farm safety calendar competition raises awareness among primary school children and their communities of common hazards on farms and other rural properties.

The published calendar is an opportunity for safety messages to be prominently displayed in the home throughout the year, reminding Queenslanders of all ages to work and play safely on farm properties.

Children are asked to draw and colour a picture (using the competition template(PDF, 81.35 KB) available at worksafe.qld.gov.au) that illustrates one of three farm safety topics (see below).

When speaking to children about farm safety and the competition, discuss each of the risks, why they are dangerous and how the risks can be controlled to keep them safe. Also talk about why it is important to talk to an adult if they feel unsafe or see something unsafe.

Choose a safety message

  • Look out for machinery and vehicles because the driver may not see you.
  • Quad bikes are a great tool, but they are not a toy. Ride ready – wear a helmet, never double, kids only use a kid-sized bike, get training, and ride on well-known tracks.
  • Look up and live – powerlines and machinery don’t mix.
  • Be sun safe! Wear a hat, sunscreen and a long sleeve shirt when working in the sun. And don’t forget to drink water and have rest breaks.
  • Dams and waterways are dangerous places on farms. Stay away unless you have an adult with you.
  • A fenced yard for young kids and toddlers to play in will keep them away from many farm dangers.

Helpful resources

Check out the winning entries from last year.

You can find more farm safety resources on our website, or check out children on farms at farmsafe.org.au.

Last updated
20 September 2019