Wiring Rules 2017 Roadshow

The wiring rules are changing – statewide information sessions

The Australian Standard AS/NZS3000 (the wiring rules) is being updated and will be released later this year.

Come along to an information session in your area to find out what the changes will mean for you.

We are hosting 35 events across Queensland, with presentations by:

  • The Electrical Safety Office
  • Electrical Trades Union
  • Master Electricians Australia
  • National Electrical and Communication Association
  • Construction Skills Queensland.

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Safety switches and mechanical protection of cabling

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Hi I'm Mark Pocock from the Electrical Safety Office. As you  are aware the Wiring Rules are being updated, so I wanted to talk you through  some of the key changes to safety switch requirements and mechanical protection  of cabling, that will appear in the next edition due for release later this  year.

We have been a strong advocate for the use of safety  switches. The new edition supports this approach with increase in safety switch requirements, now a must on all final sub-circuits in domestic and residential  installations.

The existing requirements for maximum three circuits per  RCD, minimum two RCDs still remain for domestic and residential electrical installations.

For non-domestic and non-residential electrical  installations 30 milliamp RCDs shall be installed on all lighting and socket  outlet final sub-circuits less than or equal to 32 amps.

30 milliamp RCDs should be installed on all final sub circuits  less than or equal to 32 amps supplying fixed wired electrical equipment.

30 milliamp RCDs shall be installed on all final sub-circuit  supplying fixed wired electrical equipment that may represent an increased risk  of electric shock. This could be environmental conditions such as wet areas and  the type of electrical installation or processes being conducted there.

For home care medical installations the RCD requirements for  medical equipment in-home care medical installations shall comply with AS 3003.

The Wiring Rules refers to AS 3003, so if you work on home  care electrical installations then you will need to refer to this standard. It  is noted that AS 3003 has been completely revised with a new edition published  in 2017.

With an increase in a number of allied trades working in the  vicinity of electrical cables it is most important that mechanical protection  of cabling is provided.

More detailed requirements the mechanical  protection for cables installed within a ceiling space wiring systems near  building surfaces and wiring systems likely to be disturbed are included in the  new addition.

For  further information visit worksafe.qld.gov.au

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