Electrical safety in rental properties webinar

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Landlords and rental property managers have a legal duty to ensure their rental property is electrically safe for tenants and people that visit or work on the property.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how to keep your rental property electrically safe.

Download the webinar presentation (PPT, 32MB)

Topics covered by ESO experts include:

  • Installing and testing safety switches.
  • Reporting issues to the ESO and electrical distribution entities.
  • Requirements for the sale and purchase of residential properties.
  • Your duties under section 38, 40 and 85 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002.
  • Your work health and safety obligations.

Speaker information

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson, Electrical Safety Office

Michael is a Principal Advisor at the Electrical Safety Office, involved with regulatory strategy, organisation governance and proactive audit and engagement initiatives. Michael is a licensed electrician with over 25 years’ experience in various fields of the electrical industry including domestic, large commercial and industrial installations.

Michael’s previous roles have included Australian standards compliance, installation requirements and the management of federal government projects and contracts.

Paul Waltham

Paul Waltham, Electrical Safety Office

Paul is a Principal Legal Officer for the Electrical Safety Office and has been practising law for over 35 years. He joined the Office of Industrial Relations 18 years ago where he prosecuted breaches of industrial relations laws, before becoming an investigations manager for Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Over the past five years Paul has specialised primarily in prosecuting breaches of the Electrical Safety Act 2002.

Donna Heelan

Donna Heelan, Electrical Safety Office

Donna is the Executive Director of the Electrical Safety Office and oversees the strategic delivery of electrical safety compliance, enforcement, advisory and support services across Queensland. Her role involves developing and enforcing standards for electrical safety and promoting improved safety performance in the wider community.

Donna is a member of the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), Chair of the Standing Committee of Officials, Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), and holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.

Last updated
01 September 2020