Minimise shark bite risks as diving and snorkelling activities peak

With holiday-makers heading to our waterways in droves, dive and snorkel tour operators should ensure their safety systems and processes are up to date and staff are briefed on how to minimise the risk of shark bites.

Experienced technician critically injured by mismatching scuba cylinder tank valve fitting

An experienced service technician in the dive industry recently suffered life threatening facial injuries while filling a SCUBA (dive) cylinder. The purpose of this Safety Alert is to raise awareness of the risk of injury when working with high pressure gases and equipment.

Potential for explosion of aluminium alloy oil/water separators fitted to high pressure air compressors

Workplace health and safety alerts for owners and users of Bauer high pressure air compressors.

Dive cylinder fill whips

The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risks associated with the filling of SCUBA cylinders using a flexible fill hose.

Safe filling of portable aluminium alloy cylinders

The purpose of this alert is to inform all businesses and people who fill aluminium alloy cylinders of the risks of death and injury from cylinder explosion.

Enriched air nitrox (EANx) compressor systems

Nitrox is a compressed breathing gas mixture of the gases oxygen and nitrogen, in which, most commonly the oxygen percentage is greater than atmosphere, typically around 30-50% in the mixture.

Appropriate powered tender vessels and propeller guarding for rescue of recreational divers and snorkellers

Workplace health and safety alert for alerting employers, self employed persons, persons in control of workplaces, designers, importers, manufacturers, installers and suppliers of plant, and workers in the diving and snorkelling industry, to the hazards caused by using inappropriate vessels and unguarded propellers on motors of rescue vessels.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, hookah compressors and diving

Workplace health and safety alerts for alerting people in the diving industry to the hazards caused by air intake hoses on surface breathing air systems.

Emergency plans for recreational diving and snorkelling

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is issuing a safety alert following instances where recreational diving and snorkelling businesses have failed to respond effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner to an emergency situation.

Last updated
05 December 2016