Diving and snorkelling safety

Decompression management

Persons conducting a business or undertaking should ensure that all dives are planned conservatively and consistently to one set of recognised dive tables to minimise the risks of decompression illness. Read more about Decompression management

Dive plans

Dive plans set out the way diving will be carried out to ensure the participants' health and safety. The dive plan should assist with the implementation of control measures that have been selected during the risk management process. Read more about Dive plans

Diving and snorkelling equipment

Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) should ensure the appropriate selection, inspection, maintenance, repair, testing and use of all equipment used for diving and snorkelling. Read more about Diving and snorkelling equipment

Diving and snorkelling risk management

The hazards of diving and snorkelling must be managed to eliminate or minimise the risks of death, injury or illness as far as is reasonably practicable. Effective risk management requires persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to identify all hazards, assess risks and implement, maintain and review control measures. Read more about Diving and snorkelling risk management

Diving emergencies

Persons conducting a diving or snorkelling business or undertaking must ensure that they are prepared for emergency situations. Written emergency plans should be developed, kept on site and workers should be trained in their application. Read more about Diving emergencies

Diving injury and illness

Diving and snorkelling activities expose participants to a wide range of potential hazards which can lead to a range of injuries and illness. Read more about Diving injury and illness

Diving safety alerts

Diving related safety alerts regarding key risks and hazards for equipment, workplaces or work situations. Read more about Diving safety alerts

Diving resources

Information and guidance materials on diving and snorkelling related topics and issues. Read more about Diving resources

Diving work

Diving work is work carried out in or under water while breathing compressed gas. The differences between general and high risk diving work are outlined. Read more about Diving work

Head counts

Tragically, divers and snorkellers have been left behind by dive and snorkelling vessels. Anyone who uses a vessel to transport people to a diving or snorkelling site must be certain that all people on board are accounted for before the vessel departs from each site. Read more about Head counts

Last updated
05 December 2016