Site specific induction

It is important to make sure people are aware of the specific procedures and rules for the workplace.

Doing this will help minimise the risk of death, injury or illness.

A person must have a site-specific induction before starting construction work (other than housing construction work).

If you are the principal contractor, you must make sure a person entering a part of the workplace where construction work is being done:

  • has been given a site-specific induction
  • or
  • is accompanied by you or someone who has been given a site-specific induction.

The induction needs to address the contents of the WHS management plans.

As the principal contractor you must keep a record of the people inducted and the date it was given. You must keep these records for the duration of the construction work.

Site-specific induction is not compulsory for workplaces where housing construction work is being carried out. When site-specific induction is not given it is important for the contents of the principal contractor's construction safety plan to be communicated effectively.

Last updated
02 May 2017