Concrete pumping

Avoiding pipeline failure

Concrete pipelines, pipe clamps, anchor brackets and pipe movement. Read more about Avoiding pipeline failure

Hose whip

‘Hose whip’ describes uncontrolled and rapid motion of the flexible rubber hose on the end of a concrete placing boom or other concrete delivery line. Workers can be struck directly by the whipping hose itself, knocked over and hit the ground or an object, or hit by ejected material. Read more about Hose whip

Compliance inspections and maintenance

Compliance plates, booms, outriggers, repairs, replacements, registered professional engineers, defects, log books, records, testing pipes and other equipment. Read more about Compliance inspections and maintenance

Plant design and item registration - concrete placement booms

Concrete placing booms must be designed by an engineer in accordance with acceptable engineering principles and relevant technical standards, to ensure the concrete placing boom is without risk to health and safety. Read more about Plant design and item registration - concrete placement booms

Planning and preparation of site

Planning by builders, hirers, principal contractors and concrete pump workers. Read more about Planning and preparation of site

Safety training and supervision

Safety equipment, personal protective equipment, work methods, knowledge levels, tools and equipment, monitoring safe work practices. Read more about Safety training and supervision

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02 December 2019