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Rehabilitation and return to work coordinators

Rehabilitation and return to work coordinators (RRTWCs) help workers return to work following an injury.

RRTWCs are responsible for:

  • contacting the worker as soon as possible following an injury
  • coordinating the worker's return to work
  • developing a suitable duties program with the worker and their employer
  • liaising with everyone involved with the worker's rehabilitation and return to work.

RRTWCs must have:

  • an understanding of workers' compensation and injury management principles
  • effective communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • organisational and time management skills
  • problem solving skills.

RRTWCs must be in Queensland and employed under a contract.

Information for employers

If you meet the criteria, you must have a:

  • workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures.

Appointing a RRTWC

It's your responsibility to appoint a RRTWC with the appropriate qualifications, experience and/or standing to perform the role.

There are several ways you can ensure your RRTWC is appropriately qualified.

Completing a training course approved by the Workers' Compensation Regulator is a simple option for you to ensure your RRTWC is appropriately qualified.

You may also consider your RRTWCs:

  • experience in the role, or similar roles
  • qualifications or training in relevant disciplines such as allied health or injury management
  • knowledge and skills in assisting with claims management and the successful return to work of injured workers.

You should also consider the size of your workplace. You may need to appoint more than one RRTWC if you have a large number of workers requiring help to return to work after an injury.

You can appoint the same RRTWC for multiple workplaces if they can adequately perform the role for each workplace.

Notifying your insurer of your appointed RRTWC/s

You must provide your RRTWC's details to your insurer and notify them if your RRTWC changes.

You can do this by phoning WorkCover Queensland or through WorkCover Connect.

You'll need to provide:

  • your RRTWC's name and contact details
  • the addresses for each workplace they are the appointed RRTWC
  • a short statement about how they are appropriately qualified, for example:

    [RRTWC name] is appropriately qualified as they have [insert] years of experience and/or training and qualifications in [description] and/or the knowledge and skills to perform the role.

The information you provide may be shared with Workers' Compensation Regulatory Services.

Workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures

You must document and review your rehabilitation policy and procedures every three years and keep them up to date.

They should detail how you manage rehabilitation within your workplace, and refer to the standard outlined in the Guidelines for Standard for Rehabilitation 2nd Edition. These guidelines have been developed to help you understand your important role in helping a worker return to their normal job.

Approved RRTWC training courses

The introduction of approved RRTWC training courses provides employers with a new option to ensure that their RRTWCs are appropriately qualified.

Approved RRTWC training courses must meet mandatory learning objectives relevant to the functions of a RRTWC and the requirements outlined in the Guideline for Workers’ Compensation Regulator approved rehabilitation and return to work coordinator courses.

Training providers can apply to have a RRTWC training course approved by the Workers' Compensation Regulator by completing the application form (PDF, 143.92 KB) and emailing it to

Information for RRTWCs

Do I need to complete an approved RRTWC training courses?
No, it's not mandatory to complete an approved course.

Can I still work as a RRTWC if I don't do any further training?
Yes, if your employer is satisfied that you are appropriately qualified.

If I complete an approved course, do I need to attend refresher training in the future?
No, you're not required to complete refresher training.

Where can I view the list of approved courses?
Training providers can apply to have a course approved. Approved courses will be published on this page.

Are RRTWCs accredited in Queensland?
No, there is no accreditation process in Queensland for RRTWCs.

Can I still use my old RRTWC accreditation number?
Queensland doesn't accredit RTTWCs. Any qualifications or training you have completed may help your employer to demonstrate that you are appropriately qualified as a RRTWC.

Do I need to provide evidence to Workers' Compensation Regulatory Services if I have completed an approved course?
No. Evidence of training can be kept for your own personal record.

Last updated
16 July 2020

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