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Medical and rehabilitation expenses

Once your claim has been accepted, WorkCover Queensland may pay reasonable medical and rehabilitation expenses relating to a claim.

We have a list of set fees for most medical, hospital and rehabilitation treatments that a worker may need while undergoing treatment for their injury.

This is called either a Medical Table of Costs or an Allied Health Table of Costs, and we can only pay up to the amount for that service.

If a worker attends a medical or allied health practitioner who charges above the table of costs, the worker will be responsible for paying the 'gap' or the difference in the fee charged.

Expenses WorkCover will pay for

  • medical treatment by a registered person, for example a doctor, dentist or physiotherapist
  • surgical and hospital expenses and medicines essential to the worker's recovery, for example bandages or prescription drugs
  • rehabilitation treatment and equipment or services needed to help the worker recover, for example: wheelchairs, crutches, or return to work services
  • travelling expenses for the worker's medical treatment, rehabilitation or examination by a registered person.

Paying for services

In most cases the medical or allied health practitioner will charge WorkCover directly for the services treated and will send us the invoice for payment. However, sometimes they may want a worker to pay for these services at the time of treatment.

If you are a worker and have had to pay for services, keep all original receipts, mark the receipts and invoices very clearly with your name and claim number and either send to WorkCover by:

If the claim has been accepted and the costs are directly associated with the injury, we will reimburse a worker  directly into the  nominated bank account.


WorkCover may cover the hospital costs of a work-related injury for:

  • non-elective hospitalisation up to four days
  • non-elective hospitalisation for more than four days, only when agreed to between WorkCover and the worker, before the hospitalisation or any extension of the hospitalisation
  • elective hospitalisation only when agreed to between WorkCover and the worker before the hospitalisation.

Non-elective hospitalisation is the treatment of life-threatening injuries or injuries that may result in the loss of or serious damage to a limb or organ.

Elective hospitalisation involves treatment or a procedure that the worker and their treating doctor decide is appropriate for the effective treatment of the injury.

Expenses not covered

  • treatment by a non-registered person including most alternative medicine treatments (for example massage and acupuncture unless provided by a registered practitioner such as a physiotherapist, doctor or Chinese Medicine practitioner registered for acupuncture)
  • some travel expenses, such as trips less than 20km, one way or if there is a closer treatment provider, but the worker chooses to attend another further away
  • unauthorised hospital costs.

If WorkCover cannot fund the surgery, there may be other options available to enable a worker  to access further treatment.

If a claim has not been accepted, the worker will be responsible for paying medical and rehabilitation costs.

If you would like more information on payments and support available, call WorkCover Queensland on
1300 362 128.

If your employer is licensed as a self-insurer, some internal processes may differ from WorkCover, therefore if you require clarification you are able to contact the relevant workers’ compensation unit directly to discuss.

Last updated
14 June 2019

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