Mental health at work for employers

Is your workplace mentally healthy? One in five adult Australians experience a mental health condition in any given year. Workers who feel their workplace is mentally unhealthy are three times more likely to take time off work than those in mentally healthy workplaces. So it makes good business sense to make sure your workplace is one that protects and promotes mental health and empowers people to seek help for mental health conditions, for the benefit of the individual, organisation and community.

Employers can make a real difference to the mental health of their workers by managing risks to mental health, promoting and supporting positive health and wellbeing practices, and providing support mechanisms.

Under Australian health and safety legislation, employers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of workers, both physical and psychological. It is important to recognise mental health hazards, such as work-related stress, violence, fatigue and bullying, and to look at ways of managing risks through good work design.

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For more information and help on improving mental health at work for employers, go to Mental Health at Work webpage.

Last updated
23 August 2018