Farm vehicles and harvesters

Farm vehicles, utes and harvesters are hazards on farms. Proper operation of farm vehicles and harvesters can reduce accidents.

Machinery guarding

A guard is any shield, cover, casing or physical barrier which, by reason of its form or its location, is intended to prevent contact between that machine part and a person, or part of that person’s clothing.

Power take-off shafts

The power take-off (PTO) shaft has been involved in a large number of serious and disabling entanglement accidents, many resulting in death.

Quad bikes and side-by-side vehicles

Quad bikes (also known as All Terrain Vehicles ATVs) have become a highly utilised item of machinery, in recent years, due to their adaptability, low running cost and easy operation.

Rim wheels

Single-piece rim wheels are used on virtually all types of motor vehicles. Multi-piece rim wheels are most common in heavy vehicles, off-road vehicles and rubber tyred plant, which continue to rely on tube-type tyres.

Roll-over protection for rural mobile plant

Rollover protective structures (ROPS) are life-saving devices that can prevent operators from being crushed when mobile plant rolls over.

Safety with tyre fitting

Any industry that uses heavy vehicles faces the risk of workers being injured while fitting tyres. Problems frequently arise during work involving industrial type split rims, as used on earth moving machinery, trucks, forklifts and rural use vehicles, with both bolt together and lock ring type rims.


Tractors are an integral item of plant for agricultural, green keeping, gardening, landscaping and other activities.

Last updated
29 November 2018