Workplace hazards

Animal handling

Farm animals can cause serious injury if not handled properly. Read more about Animal handling

Cattle handling

Cattle are more unpredictable during cold windy weather, where cows have calves or if bulls are in proximity to cows in season. Read more about Cattle handling

Diseases from animals

Animal diseases include Hendra virus, influenza, Q fever, Australian bat lyssavirus and handling bats, Leptospirosis, Hydatid disease , Psittacosis and Toxoplasmosis. Read more about Diseases from animals

Electrical safety in the rural industry

Electrical incidents in the rural industry have often involved contact between machinery or irrigation pipes with overhead powerlines. Other causes of electrical incidents include general lack of electrical equipment maintenance and unauthorised electrical handy-work. Read more about Electrical safety in the rural industry

Elevating work platforms

There are a number of hazards associated with elevating work platforms (fixed, adjustable and automated). Read more about Elevating work platforms

Fruit harvesting and packaging

Orchard operations, picking and emptying bags, ladders, hydraulic ladders, grading, packing and carton making, pruning equipment, mango picking. Read more about Fruit harvesting and packaging

Hazardous chemicals

Guidance on managing risks to health and safety arising from the storage, use, transport and disposal of chemicals at rural workplaces. Read more about Hazardous chemicals

Horse handling

Horses have the strength, speed and ability to cause injury if they are not handled properly. Read more about Horse handling

Machinery and equipment

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries plant includes a wide range of machinery and equipment including farm vehicles such as tractors and quad bikes. Read more about Machinery and equipment

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29 November 2018