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Organisational structure

Who we are

We are a statutory body, providing and managing workers' compensation insurance for the people of Queensland.

We are self-funding and operate as an independent, commercial enterprise, even though we are owned by the Queensland Government.

Our income is derived from premiums paid by our policy holders and returns on our invested funds.

What we do

Our functions are outlined in section 383 of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act). In summary, we are the exclusive provider of accident insurance for work-related injuries in Queensland, with the exception of self-insurers.

A WorkCover Queensland Accident insurance policy covers employers for the cost of workers' compensation claims. It also provides injured workers with compensation, medical costs, and other benefits after a workplace injury.

Our key focus is on a prompt and effective return to, or stay at work outcome. We work with the worker, the employer and medical and allied health providers to help rehabilitate injured workers so they can return to work quickly and safely.

Other insurance products available from us include workplace personal injury insurance (for eligible persons), household workers insurance, and contracts of insurance.

Our organisational structure

WorkCover Queensland28 Self-Insured EmployersWorkplace Health and Safety QueenslandElectrical Safety OfficeWorkers' Compensation Regulator

Our Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Watson, reports to the WorkCover Queensland Board of Directors, who in turn reports to the Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations.

The services we deliver are streamlined through the following four groups:

Customer Group

Our Customer Group works in partnership with our employers, injured workers and other stakeholders to deliver high quality customer service at an affordable price that is valued by our business partners. Under our customer service model, each team manages specific industries and provides a complete end-to-end claims management process, from the initial determination of a claim, through case management/return to work and common law. With this more holistic approach, we aim to enhance claim management outcomes and deliver a better service to our customers.

People and Finance Group

By managing our finances to focus on a long-term investment strategy, we are able to maintain minimum capital requirements and appropriate premium, claims cost and operating expenditure. In addition, the group provides procurement services, statistical analysis, quality assurance and audit functions. The group also consists of our People and Workplace Experience, and Learning and Development teams who work with the business to ensure our people have the right advice and support to develop their capabilities and deliver positive outcomes for our customers.

Solutions and Technology Group

This group provides solutions and services to meet business needs and customer service outcomes. The group ensures that the business is supported by processes and technology that is reliable, sustainable and makes the work of our people easier and more efficient.

Strategic Development Group

This group consists of teams across strategy development, strategic projects and portfolio management, experience design, communications and stakeholder relations. The group assists the business to meet corporate goals and deliver positive customer experiences.

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17 September 2019

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