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Helping customers understand common law

Stemming from the Common Law experience design project, the seed concepts that led to this project related to the need and value of having access to more information outlining customer rights, the process, and what needs to be considered before a claim is initiated and an employer has a common law claim served on them.

The priority for this project was based on these concepts being expressed as a fundamental need by both employers and workers (the main parties in the ecosystem of workers’ compensation) demonstrating that this was of value to all. In initiating this project we focused with our challenge statement:

How can we help customers better understand common law so they feel empowered and in control?

Project overview

Through the common law experience project, we identified that customers need and value information before they make a claim or have a claim served on them about the common law journey, the process, their rights, and possible outcomes. While we currently have information on our website, the insights were telling us they don’t meet customer needs and were not helpful or empowering.

From the insights we gathered, understanding our role in the community and within our customers’ ecosystem, this service design is intended to improve the availability and consistency of information we provide—it will not be giving workers legal advice. By providing this clarity of information and process for customers, in turn we are providing a solution for our staff so that when they are asked questions about common law they have this same resource available to them and are able to consistently provide the same information.

As part of initial stakeholder engagements discussing this project, it was identified a potential benefit of having better information available is that it may assist customers in asking better or more informative questions of their lawyers, associations or unions but it will not replace the important role everyone plays in our customers’ ecosystem. Providing additional information is not about discouraging people from making a common law claim—our aim is to help customers feel better informed about their rights, more empowered and confident in making a decision to see a lawyer or to proceed with a common law claim.

The seed concepts and ideas highlighted an opportunity for us to explore this improvement further. Some specific customer insights that lead to this idea include:

  • "published information about process and rights"
  • "have additional information on the website that will provide workers with details in respect to their common law rights and the process should they proceed"
  • "include elements of what is deducted from common law settlement to help establish realistic expectations"
  • "additional information for employers about the process".

Data and insights

We currently have webpages dedicated to the common law process including specific events and relevant activities that may occur.

The data analytics of our website traffic indicate that there is some traffic through these webpages but it is minor and we are unable to identify whether the content on these pages are of use to the reader or whether it was understandable.

When we look at the insights we collected from customers and stakeholders as part of this project there are indications that this information is available, they are aware it is, but the content is difficult to understand, and once a common law claim is underway, the content doesn’t provide enough information to be of use and leaves the customer feeling uncertain and disempowered.

Last updated
07 November 2018

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