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Customer experience surveys


To support WorkCover’s objective to be a customer experience-led organisation and understand our ability to meet our customer’s needs, wants and values, we measure our customer’s overall perception of us (what they feel and experience).

By measuring, we create a barometer on how we are performing against our customer strategy principles – easy, empowered, valued, fair and transparent, and consistent. We can then use this barometer to drive customer experience improvement actions that meet customer needs.

Our customer strategy principles were informed by consultations with customers, employees and industries. Our principles are the value our customers place in their experience.

The tool we use to measure our customers’ perceptions is a customer experience metric. This metric (or performance rating score) is the result of online surveys of employers and injured workers.

Every quarter we survey a sample of injured workers who have had a closed claim in the three months prior, and we survey a sample of employers who have a current general accident insurance policy for at least 12 months.

What we ask

We send the survey via email. The survey has a total of 5 questions and asks our customers to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 their overall experience relating to the customer strategy principles (one question per principle). There is a final opportunity for them to share any specific feedback through a question asking what the main reason was for their ratings.

On a scale of 1-10, where 1= strongly disagree, 5= neither agree nor disagree and 10= strongly agree, how do you feel about the following statements?





Q1 Easy

WorkCover makes it easy for me to do what I need to do or find information I am looking for.

WorkCover made it easy for me to focus on my recovery.

Rating: 1-10

Q2 Fair and transparent

In my experience with WorkCover, I feel they are fair and transparent.

Throughout my claim, I felt WorkCover has been fair and transparent.

Rating: 1-10

Q3 Empowered

WorkCover empowers me to take positive action.

WorkCover empowered me to achieve the right outcome for me.

Rating: 1-10

Q4 Consistent

Regardless of how I interact with WorkCover, I have a consistent experience.

Regardless of how I interacted with WorkCover, I had a consistent experience throughout my claim.

Rating: 1-10

Q5 Valued

WorkCover values me as a customer.

WorkCover valued me as a person.

Rating: 1-10

Q6 Overall question

Overall, what is the most important reasons for your ratings above?

Overall, what was the most important reasons for your ratings above?


Permission to obtain further details

Your opinion is important to us and we might need your help to fully understand your experience. Could we contact you to get more information? This would take typically less than 10 minutes by phone, and not all respondents would be contacted. Are you happy for us to contact you if required? Y/N.

If yes, what is the best phone number to reach you?


What we do with the feedback and insights

Each quarter, we share the feedback and results with our people to build our understanding of the customer to be better able to provide a quality experience.

We also have a dedicated Customer in Action team who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the customer feedback themes and triangulate with other insight channels such as complaints, compliments, digital services feedback, common law surveys and quality assurance themes. By using all these channels, they are building a single view of the customer experience and can gauge how big a customer experience pain point is (ie. is it happening frequently or is it one customer specifically?). The team then use a human centred design technique called Design Thinking to approach how they might go about solving customer experience problems.

Last updated
02 August 2018

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