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Workshop - November 2018

If a worker is not at work when they lodge a common law claim, WorkCover’s panel lawyer will make an offer of return to work (RTW) support to the worker via their solicitor. If the offer is accepted, the worker is referred to WorkCover’s Common Law RTW team for assistance in rehabilitation and RTW.

Our research and results from an initial pilot demonstrated to us that there were underlying challenges that we needed to understand to be able to provide a better program and help more people RTW. We didn’t know enough about the current perceptions of the existing common law rehabilitation and RTW program by those that interact with the program currently.

As part of our human centred design approach, we needed to deepen our understanding and work with the ecosystem to design a program that achieves better outcomes.

Our next stage in the project involved a workshop to engage with all key stakeholders and customers, to create a common understanding of the current situation and develop some ideas to improve the program. The challenge was ‘how might we improve the common law rehabilitation and RTW program’.

Before the workshop we asked participants to complete a voluntary and confidential survey that would provide further insights that would inform ‘perception cards’. Perception cards are essentially personas of the key people or stakeholders representing major groups of people involved in a process. The perception cards were used during the workshop.

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29 November 2018

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