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The common law experience: research and insights overview

Understanding the common law experience

To design a better experience and achieve better outcomes for our customers, we undertook research into Australian and overseas compensation and personal injury schemes and litigation. This added to our understanding of some of the key issues that have emerged during our interviews and workshops with workers, employers and stakeholders.

The image below shows an overview of customer research and stakeholder engagement throughout the project: we looked to the whole ecosystem to help us understand the environment and factors influencing workers’ and employers’ experience during common law.

Customer and literature research helped us to confirm 8 central themes demonstrating the current common law experience for workers and employers (image below). The themes helped us to identify the needs and values held by the groups in the ecosystem and led us to understanding where the key challenges and the opportunities to improve the experience and outcomes for our customers exist.

This information has come from sources such as interviews and feedback that have been provided to WorkCover. We have also been using different design methods such as the creation of personas, journey maps, and storyboards to provide us with detailed information about this experience.

We then used a number of methods to delve into this information to help us develop a better understanding of that information. For example: we have selected statements that people have included in their storyboards and identified the values (what's important to people) that underpin that statement. These "insights" are then mapped to identify themes.

Both insights and themes present opportunities for change and are used to guide any decisions that may be made in the future.

Last updated
25 October 2018

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